STEP Student Scripts

STEP E-Prime Scripts: Student Submissions
These scripts were created by students in Dr. MacWhinney's Research Methods class in Fall 2002 as their final project. They are in no particular order.

  • Algebra Strategies
    Investigates whether being taught to solve algebra problems practically or algebraically is more effective.
  • Animal Stroop
    Investigates whether seeing the name of an animal superimposed over a picture of an animal slows naming of the pictured animal.
  • Bidirectional Priming -- paper
    Investigates whether seeing associated or non-associated words will improve categorization of both.
  • Bilingual Stroop
    Investigates whether English and French color words will interfere with each other.
  • Color Danger Evaluation -- paper
    Investigates whether situations are rated as more or less dangerous based on the "dangerousness" of the color they are presented over.
  • Decision Distractors for Letters
    Investigates whether distractors will prevent letter categorization if they are presented around an attended location.
  • Emotional Content Recall - WARNING: some explicit content - paper
    Investigates whether pleasant or unpleasant images interfere with recall of words.
  • False Memories
    Investigates whether false memories will be generated at various speeds of presentation of lists of words.
  • Gender Implicit Attitudes
    Investigates attitudes toward gender using the Implicit Attitude Assessment technique.
  • Gender Language Competition -- paper
    Investigates whether the gender of actors/patients in sentences influences which noun is picked as the subject of a sentence.
  • Horizontal Vertical Math
    Investigates whether horizontally or vertically presented addition problems are easier to solve, and whether "carrying" has an effect.
  • Implicit Trigger Learning -- paper
    Investigates whether participants will implicitly learn that a response follows a particular image in a series of images.
  • Percieved Distance - WARNING: this does not include the studied materials -- paper
    Investigates how participants perceive distance in a presented environment.
  • Shape Stroop
    Investigates how difficult color and shape are to verify for "easy" and "hard" shapes and colors.
  • Visual Auditory Rhyme
    Investigates whether participants are more likely to identify a word as rhyming with another word if the words resemble each other visually.