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Psycholinguistics: MacWhinney-Bates Task
This experiment replicates the MacWhinney-Bates task. It is copied from the Psyscope experiment called NNV.

The participant hears a set of two nouns and a verb, in any order (VNN, NVN, NNV) and is asked to decide which of the nouns is the one performing the action. For instance in the set "The boy chased the girl," the expected answer would be "the boy." In this version, the nouns are some combination of animate and inanimate things (AA, AI, IA). The participant sees pictures of the two nouns mentioned and is asked to choose between the pictures.

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The variable R_NounPicked is either 1 or 2, depending on whether the first or second noun in the sentence was the one picked. Seeing how that and reaction time vary with the structure (F_WordOrder) and the animacy (F_Animacy) of the objects should provide a reasonable simple analysis.


Brian MacWhinney