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Memory: Bower 1972
Bower, G.H. (1972). Mental imagery and associative learning. In L. Gregg (Ed.), Cognition in learning and memory, 51-88. (pdf - large)
In this experiment, participants are asked to remember a pair of words (like DOG-BICYCLE) either just by memorizing them, or by constructing a scene in which both participate. This should produce an effect where the participants who construct a scene recall the words better than those who don't.

The experiment is constructed as two tasks. The first is a paired-associate recall task with normal ("memorize these pairs") instructions, and the second is the same except for scene-building instructions ("construct a scene using each pair"). Each task uses a list of 20 words, which can be random or the same, then a recall task where the first word is presented and the second word is supposed to be typed.

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